What Devices can I use for MailShut?

- All our users can now use our desktop version if on a laptop or download the app directly from the Android / IOS app stores.

How to locate my invite code?

- To locate your invitation code, first click on the top right menu icon.

- Once there click on add contacts, to copy your invitation code.

* All Code are unique, and we suggest not to give it out to people whom you don’t know.

How do I add a safe contact?

- To add a contact, first ask the user for their personal invite code.

- Once you have the code head to your contact page,you will be prompt to insert the user’s invitation code.

- This is done in order to make sure only authorize users can contact you via email.

Need something else?

Please click on "Send us an email" bellow and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning MailShut.

*Unsolicited requests will be ignored*