MailShut is now open to the public!

  • Jean D, Louis
  • 30th May 2020

You have spoken, and we have listened

Building something together:

After so many trials and efforts, we have built, developed and delivered to the world its first yet Spam-Free, Secured and Private email system.

We are happy to announce that MailShut is now live, which means that you can now download MailShut through the iOS or Android Store.


How does MailShut benefit its users?

- No tracking, we will never disclose nor track your IP address.

- MailShut ensures that your emails stay private and cannot be intercepted.

- Zero Spam, receive emails only from trusted contacts.

- Zero Junks, yes never again will you have a junk mail.

- Automatic email encryption, all emails are encrypted automatically and can only be viewed by the sender and receiver.

- Free: MailShut is 100% free. You can now create your own free MailShut email account and start experiencing a world of a private, spam free and secured emails service.