Jean D, Louis 30th May 2020
How MailShut the spam free email platform is making online privacy and user data storing a dream come true

One of the main issues that we are dealing with right now is the fact that there’s a lot of spam online. In fact, when you enter your inbox you might end up with many spam messages. Not only do those waste your...

Jean D, Louis 30th May 2020
MailShut is now open to the public!

You have spoken, and we have listened

Building something together:

After so many trials and efforts, we have built, develo...

Jean D, Louis 25th May 2020
Securing user data online

Keeping user data safe online is becoming more difficult nowadays. But with the right ideas and a true focus on value, you can indeed make things work. What really matters is knowing how to stay safe online and ...

Jean D, Louis 24th May 2020
The importance of online privacy

If you go online and check, you will notice that a lot of people are having problems with online privacy. And it’s easy to see why, once your information is on the internet, there are lots of prying eyes trying...