World's First Spam-Free,Private Email Platform MailShut!

End-to-end Encrypted emails,your emails stay private and cannot be intercepted nor disclosed to third parties. And best of all, never receive a spam email again!


MailShut Features!

State-of-the-art security, ensuring your emails stay encrypted and your communications safe.

Encrypted emails

Your emails are encrypted from the very moment you hit the send button and remain that way.


Ensuring that absolutely no one who is not a safe contact in your contact list can send you any emails.


An extra feature which allows a user to get rid of unnecessary emails, and keeping a clean email inbox.

Why switch to Mailshut

MailShut was designed with two main focus in mind Privacy and Security . MailShut uses a social medial approach to ensure that its users are free from spam and junk mails.

End-To-End Encryption

No Tracking

Total Privacy

Easy To Use

No More Junk Emails

Safe From Third Parties

Our Comfortable Rates

While Mailshut can be used free, we also provide a paid version for users with more than 5 contacts.



$ 00 /mo
  • 5 Contacts
  • 100 emails /mo
  • Auto-Deletion
  • Spam-Free
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$ 2.99 /mo
  • 25 Contacts
  • Unlimited emails
  • Auto-Deletion
  • Spam-Free
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