World's First Spam-Free Private Email Service MailShut!

End-to-end Encrypted emails, your emails stay private and cannot be intercepted nor disclosed to third parties. And best of all, never receive a spam email again!

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About MailShut!

 MailShut stay-connected

Total Email Privacy

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Encrypted Emails

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Zero Spams

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No Tracking

State-of-the-art security, ensuring your emails stay encrypted and your communications safe.


MailShut Features

  • Spam Free

    No More Junk or Spam Emails

  • Total Freedom

    Securing All Your Conversations

  • Total Privacy

    All Emails Are Safe From Third Parties

  • State-Of-The-Art Encryption

    End-To-End Emails Encryption

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  • No Tracking

    Your Ip Address never get stored

  • Easy To Use

    Web - Android And Ios Platform

  • Easy To Join

    Quick 3 Minutes Signup

  • User Friendly

    Designed Using Latest UI-UX Technologies

How MailShut Works

MailShut was designed with two main issues in mind Privacy and Security. MailShut uses a social medial approach to ensure that its users are free from spam and junk mails.


Users must first send you their personal authorization code, which you will use to send a contact request.


You cannot send any emails until a user has accepted your request and keep you as a safe contact.

Enjoy Your App

MailShut was created for you with two main focus in mind
"Privacy and Security".

Frequently asked Question

MailShut takes lots of precautions when it comes to keeping its user’s data safe, from signing up to sending emails.
All our user’s data are encrypted using all the latest state-of-the-art technologies, combining different layers of hardcore encryption methods.
There is no catch, MailShut was created to help you regain and maintain your privacy, and we intend to do just that.
MailShut will never ask for your password for whatever reasons.
Remember to always logout each time you login to the system using a device that was not yours.
Never share your password with anyone else.
Avoid using terms that people who knows you can easily guess, when creating a password.
MailShut FAQ

Download the MailShut app and never receive a spam email again!

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